Research Critique Table, Framework, and Model, on cross infections in hospital setting


Description of the Assignment
For this assignment students are required to continue the development of their EBP project proposal by adding the new sections of:
• Research Table Critique with reference citation and permalink for each reference
• Theoretical Framework
• Change model.
Selected PICOT Question:
PICOT Question
What is the risk of nosocomial infection in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) between patients using hand washing compared to those using hand sanitizers on infection control in a period of 6 months?
P Problem Risk of nosocomial infection in ICU
I Intervention Hand hygiene
C Comparison Hand washing vs hand sanitizers
O Outcome Infection control
T Timeframe 6 months (This period is enough to note any changes in the population)
Criteria for Content
1. Research Critique Table
• The PICOT question is presented after the title of the table
• Students will select four (4) research-based studies and complete the Research Critique Table following the format noted in the sample.
• All selected research-based articles must be consistent with the selected PICOT question.
• Complete citation of selected research study is required in the column labeled as Citation
• Permalink for each research article is required and located in the column labeled as Citation
• Reference list is required located Research Critique Table
• The required column headings are:
o Citation
o Purpose of the research
o Research design and sample
o Data collection methods
o Results
o Strengths and limitations (both must be identified for each research study)
2. Theoretical Framework
• Explain the theoretical framework that will be used in this project consistent the with PICOT submitted
• Describe how the theoretical framework is useful to the selected PICOT question
3. Change Model
• Explain the change model that will be used in this project
• Describe the steps within selected
• Describe how the change model is useful to the selected PICOT question
Criteria for Format and Special Instructions
1. Using your lecture materials and textbook, completed detailed critiquing of four (4) research-based
studies by creating a table using the column headings noted the sample that is included in these
assignment guidelines.
2. Only research-based studies are to be included in this table. The research-based article may use either a quantitative or qualitative approach as appropriate to the identified PICOT/PICo question. For this assignment, the selected references should avoid systematic research review (SRR), meta-analysis, clinical practice guidelines, or any other secondary analysis articles.
3. Identify this table as: Research Critique Table.
4. One theoretical framework must be included and a reference cited for the information regarding the
5. One change modes must be included and a reference cited for the information regarding the change
model and its steps.
Don’t forget to include scholarly reference(s) to support your information–not a textbook
The scholarly references must be current peer-reviewed articles less than five (5) years between years 2014-2017.
Please do not use textbooks as reference.
Also note that this assignment will go through the school turnitin, hence its originality is highly essential.
Attached are the assignment guidelines with grading rubric and three (3) lesson notes
Please note: Research critique table sample is included in the attached guidelines document as format guide.