Research Paper Topic Submission

This is Checkpoint Oneof the future Research Paper.Checkpoint Twois Outline and Annotated Bibliography, Checkpoint Threeis final Research Paper.

Right now, is Checkpoint One:
In this Checkpoint Oneplease, selected a topic for the future research paper. Ideally, your topic will allow to explore an aspect of compensation and benefit theory coupled with a practical application. For example, a paper addressing issues facing organizations that assign employees around the globe can investigate the balance sheet approach to expatriate compensation and then discuss its application in a specific example.
While it can be challenging early in the term to know what topics you might find appealing, a good way to investigate options is to read over the Review Questions at the end of each chapter (please, check attached files with chapters, usually part II or III) in textbook:
Milkovich, G., Newman, J., & Gerhart, B. (2014). Compensation. (11th ed.) New York,
NY: McGraw-Hill.

Please write the paper between 250-300 words in length. This paper needs Abstract, and Reference Page, no Introduction, no Conclusion.