Research Proposal for final Project

Give brief overview of Avery Dennison.
Different divisions –
· LGM = Labels and Graphics Material – Inside this is Labels and Packaging Materials, Graphics Solutions, Reflective Solutions.
· Performance Tapes
Proposal Idea below incorporate into Project Proposal Make sure to follow Appendix 1
Avery Dennison Distribution Centres in Australia we have various portfolios of products for solutions. Example are for LGM we have slitting machines which cut/slit down large jumbo reels of paper/labels and wind into roll form. We have lael materials in box form which we pick and pack to the customer (Comes in from Avery Dennison Distributers in EU,US and Asia, we also supply sheeted material which comes in prepackaged in flat packs and specific widths and lengths. These sheets come from EU and Thailand.
In this report focusing on Graphics Solutions and sheeting material (custom sheeting)
Give brief description of Custom Sheeting
Custom sheeting – instead of limiting customers to standard stock sizes in sheets, custom sheeting you can order exactly the size required for your job layout.
Present state we are getting custom sheeting done from BJ Ball which is a competitor and a supplier (give quick overview of BJ Ball make sure you include the buy out with KW Doggets (which are a main customer) by Japan Pulp and Paper (majority share)
Information from Sales team advises that this side of the business is growing and we should look at investing in a sheeting machine so we are doing the custom sheeting in house.
Research paper/project proposal will be about should Avery Dennison invest in a sheeting machine or continue to use outside services. (BJ Ball) positive and negatives from both. How to come to the conclusion
Brief how to find an ideal sheeting machine manufacturers and commissioning. Also how to chose which site to install sheeter.
Growth in custom sheeting
Need to have about 5 research questions in this proposal.
8 references
Appendix 1: Project proposal approval and feedback criteria The project proposal is approved based on the following criteria being present in the proposal: 1. Introduction Background information is provided.· The research probleum is clearly articulated/ defined.· 2. Focus of the study The research purpose is stated.· Appropriate research questions are identified.· The significance of the project is identified.· The project is feasible.· 3. Project related literature summary There is a connection to an aspect of MBA studies.· There is alignment with the MBA specialisation (not required for MBA generic).· Literature is cited.· The literature is aligned with the project title and with the problem statement.· 4. Research methodology The research method is explained and justified.· Data collection methods are explained and justified.· Collection of primary data is included.· Questions to be asked participants are stated.· Research approvals are obtained.· 5. Ethical considerations Ethics issues are identified.· The use of consent forms is explained.· The research ethics sheet has been completed and submitted with the proposal.· 6. Schedule for completion A research schedule or Gantt chart is included.· The schedule is feasible.· 7. Style guide Margins, line spacing and fonts adhere to the style guide.· Dates and numbers adhere to the style guide.· Author-date style referencing is used appropriately and accurately.· Sourcing and quotations adhere to the style Guide.· Labelling of figures, diagrams, tables adhere to the style guide.· There is a list of references.· ©Australian Institute of Business. 07APR17_SLT:2016:7ed 12 729PROJ Project Subject Outline 8. English Spelling and grammar are accurate and appropriate· 9. Structure and flow The title is on the first page.· There is a table of contents.· There is a logical structure.· There are connections between sections.