Response to two discussion board entries

1.Conduct an experiment and record the data.
The experiment that I conducted was my grades for this class, MGMT 600 at CTU. Using their grade scale, my grades are as follows: DB1- 78%,

HW1- 67,5%, DB2- 84%, and HW2- 72.5%.
2.Then create a histogram.

3.What is the shape of the histogram?
The shape that of the histogram is from what I see to be a normal. But this being a Graduates class, anything 74.99% or lower is an “F”.
4.How would you expect your data’s distribution to look? Flat, skewed to the right or left, bell shaped?
The way I would have expected my data’s distribution to look would be flat. Most grading data distribution should look more of a bell shape

curve, unless you have maintained consistent grades. Then it would be seen as flat.
If you have maintained the grades, they would be consistent and steadily flat, but not in my case. I am all over the map with my grades.
6.Does it look like a normal curve? If so, why…if not…why not
I would have to say it DOES NOT look like a normal bell curve, because of the fluctuation of my grades in this class.
7.How do the results differ from your “expected distribution shape”?
My results differ because I understand very little in this class and with tutoring, as well as outside help, I still don’t comprehend the

material or what is taught.
8.How does this relate to our understanding of the normal distribution (bell curve) and the use of sampling for measurement of population

It should relate by the thought of my understanding of the class and applying it to my class and homework, but it doesn’t for me. A bell curve

would show how much others in this class are retaining and learning from this class.
9. WHY do you think this assignment was made part of the course?
The reason I believe this assignment was made part of this course was to understand the concept of a histogram with our own data research.