Revising different forms of “othering”

Read MAIN Article:

Additional articles needed for questions #6,7,10:
BY: Khan -Orientalism (attached)
De Beauvoir- Introduction (attached)
Hurn- Animality (Attached)


Writing assignment #1
Reviewing different forms of Othering
4-5 pages, double spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman or Courier only.
Read the short article by Lori Gruen on the Google website.
What deaths/ murders is Gruen discussing? I
What does she mean when she says she has assumed if you protest against one injustice that means you
privilege it over another injustice? What examples from the article does she give to illustrate this idea?
Why does she think this idea of privileging one injustice over another weakens efforts toward social
change? Give evidence from her article.
What is her thesis in the end? What does she advocate?
What does she say about the dangers of ”Othering”/ ranking the importance of different lives?
How does her thesis relate to the theories of Othering, described by de Beauvoir, Khan and Hurn?
Give examples directly from the texts of these three articles (de Beauvoir, Khan and Hurn) to support
your ideas and conclusions.
What do you think about Gruen’s thesis?
How do you think the ideas of de Beauvoir, Khan and Hurn impact you and your world?
Answer each of these questions in the form of an essay so it reads like a paper. These questions will
focus your paper. Please do not just write the questions and answer them. Refer to them to focus your
paper and answer each within your paper.