“Risk Perception” Please respond to the following: Imagine an organization decides to hire an outside vendor to produce products instead of manufacturing them in house. Using the information presented in “Common Influences on Risk Perception” Figure 6-3 (Hillson and Simon text), determine the conscious factors, subconscious factors, and affective factors for this project. Analyze how awareness of those factors influences the decision of hiring outside vendor. In addition, analyze how those factors help improve the overall facilitation and effectiveness of the risk management. Disc 2 Risk Responsibility” Please respond to the following: It is important to identify responsible individuals to be risk owners. Imagine you have identified the highest risk for your project and you plan to assign responsibilities to an individual. Compose a list of at least eight questions that you would want to have the individual answer satisfactorily before you assign the responsibilities. Provide a rationale for the creation of your list. Determine the feedback you would want from this individual to ensure that you choose the right risk owner for the highest risk identified from Part 1 of this discussion. Support your response. Determine what is important to consider when making the announcement to the affected employees. Speculate on how you would address the issues and or concerns of the impacted employees.