Role of Neuregulin in Asthma


To make the best use of the files provided in order to generate a research proposal concerning Asthma. More specifically, to establish a link between the gene nuregulin and Asthme.
Uploaded files:
1) ?Task description?: Please, read the task description file in order to obtain greater understanding of the task.
2) ?Research Proposal Guidelines?: Please use this file as a guideline, and in case anything appears to be unclear please contact me.
3) ?Expt description for preliminary data?: this provides description of two experiments concerning neuregulin.
4) ?Neuregulin study description?: summary of the two experiments.
5) ?Preliminary data (expt1)?: the data obtained from conducting experiment 1.
6) ?Preliminary data (expt2)?: the data obtained from conducting experiment 2.
7) ?Statistical analysis for both experiments?: this is not 100% reliable, as my stats level not very good. So feel free to perform your own statistical analysis.
8) ?Template?: this file should be used to write the proposal.
9) ?Criteria Rubric?: Please aim for 7 at all sections.
10) ?Proposal overview and Abstract writing?: this should assist you in clearing the picture and also to help in writing the abstract.
11) ?Proposal 1?: this is only as an example of what im expecting. Note that this proposal did not achieve 7, in fact barely passed.
12) ?Proposal 5?: this is another example also the individual who submitted this only passed.