Rose’s Story

Your assignment has three parts. In the first part of your paper, introduce the book and the protagonist, and then answer the following questions:

1. In what ways did the social services system help Rose? (What services did she receive that were helpful? What professionals were helpful? How were these services and professionals helpful?) Be specific.

2. In what ways did the social services system fail Rose? (What services did she need that she did not receive? Why didn’t she receive them?) Be specific. (50 points) The second part of your paper is based on your family’s experiences with the social services system. Think about your childhood from birth to eighteen. What child welfare needs did you or your immediate family have? For example, did you or any of your siblings have a disability? Were your parents divorced? Did you or a sibling have difficulty in school? Was there any point in your or your siblings’ development that caused problems for the family? All of these issues may have necessitated family adjustment and /or services. Discuss these issues and consider the following: 1. What were the issues? 2. Did you receive services for them? 3. If so, what type of services? 4. If not, why did your family choose not to do so? (Were there no services? Did the family feel they could handle the issues on their own?, etc.) 5. What was the outcome of receiving or not receiving services? 6. Were there any cultural biases involved? The last part of this paper should be a discussion of what you have learned from Rose’s Story and from your family’s experiences that will influence you in the future. Have any of your attitudes changed? If so, what attitudes and how have they changed? This may be a difficult paper for you to do if your family issues are still painful for you. However, if you choose to pursue a career in social work, your childhood issues will surface as you help others. Therefore, it is important to consider them in your training for the field. The content of this paper will be kept confidential; it will not be saved to a hard drive, it will not be printed out, and it will be deleted from Moodle at the end of the class. Some of you may feel that you had an ideal childhood with no issues at all. Even normal developmental issues and milestones create family imbalance and may necessitate brief counseling. Did your family deny problems as a form of maintaining balance? These are all important issues to consider.

Please divide your paper into the three parts described above and label each part. Parts 1 and 2 should be at least two pages each. Part 3 should be at least one page. Double space your work and use size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font. I have purchased the electronic book on the website chegg, Please make sure the writer use the proper English and spelling and if there are any questions to please ask. FOR THE QUESTIONS REGARDING SECOND PART OF THE PAPER IN REFERENCE TO ME THE WRITER AND MAKE UP ANY PROBLEM AND SAY THAT IT WAS A MALE COUSIN IN MY FAMILY JUST AS LONG AS IT TIES IN WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS AND QUESTIONS THATS ASKED.