salt as a commodity

Research Paper Assignment: Your writing assignment for this course will consist of a 10-15
page essay on a topic related to a commodity (or political issues raised by a particular
commodity), selected in consultation with me. Your paper will be logically constructed,
rigorous, well written, grammatically correct, and free of typos.
Your paper will have the following seven components:
1. Introduction
2. Problem statement
3. Literature review
4. Hypothesis
5. Discussion of methodology
6. Description and evaluation of your research findings
7. Summary of your findings/conclusion
In addition to the seven components listed above, you will have a complete references section at
the end of your paper. Each and every source used in your paper will be included in your
references. No annotations are necessary, but complete bibliographic information in APSA
format must be included for each item in the works cited. Failure to include a references section
will result in a failing grade on the research paper. Having references assumes that you cite other
research in your paper. This is absolutely essential! Research papers that have few or no
citations may also receive a failing grade.
The paper will be double spaced, printed in 12 point Times New Roman or Arial Font, and have
1” margins on all sides. Do not add extra hard returns between paragraphs. Your paper will
have page numbers in the upper right hand corner of each page. The page number on the first
page of your text will be one and not two. You will have a title page upon which will appear
your name, the title of your paper, and the date, but no page number.

1. Approval of Topic
2. Introduction
3. Problem and thesis statement
4. Discussion of methodology
5. Literature review
6. Hypothesis
7. Description and evaluation of your research findings
8. Summary of your findings
9. Correct grammar and spelling
10. Proper Paper Formatting
11. Citations in the proper format
12. References