Same-Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage
2000 words (exclusive of quoted material)
You are FOR Same-Sex Marriage!
Must show why you are for it, and
An interesting and informative title.
A strong thesis that supports your topic sentences.
An identifiable structure, including introduction, coherent paragraphs, and conclusion.
In addition to presenting your thesis statement, your introduction should, in some way, show your readers why you have a vested interest in this

Same-Sex Marriage.
Avoid using research in the introduction.
A course of action.
Appropriate conventions for structure and paragraphing.
Appropriate mechanics and format.
Effective use of syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Proper documentation of sources.
An introduction that establishes an awareness of audience, purpose, and context with an appropriate voice, tone, style, and level of formality.
Sound logic – strong arguments with at least two counter arguments and rebuttals.
Compose solid counterarguments that are fairly, reasonably, and thoroughly presented before being either refuted or accommodated. Remember:

Don’t be afraid to bring in research that supports the other side; showing that you’ve examined this information and forming a rebuttal against

it is a great rhetorical move.
Rhetorical Appeals. (ethos, pathos, and logos)
At least one direct quote and one other form of source integration (paraphrase or summary) from each source = 6 direct quotes, 6 other forms of

source integration.
At least 4 of the 8 following types of evidence: facts, statistics, examples, authorities, anecdotes, scenarios, case studies, and visuals.
Appropriate textual conventions for incorporating ideas from sources, e.g., introducing and incorporating quotations; quoting, paraphrasing, and

Development and support that incorporates ideas and evidence from at least six sources.
Persuade the reader to accept and adopt an idea by arguing a position and/or offering a solution.
A introduction, coherent paragraphs, and a conclusion.
You are trying to persuade your readers to think or do something. Not everyone agrees with you that Same-Sex Marriage is okay, so determine how

thoughtfully and rhetorically persuade the readers to try to make them see it your way.

1. Address a question using an appropriate research strategy.
2. Compose a coherent thesis that addresses an audience and purpose appropriate to the writing task.
3. Persuade the reader to accept and adopt an idea by arguing a position and/or offering a solution.
4. Locate and critically evaluate information from written, oral, graphic, mass media, and scholarly sources.
5. Present all material with objective, thoughtful and fair treatment.
6. Access and use information ethically and legally, employing the appropriate format and documentation.
7. Integrate research into an argument.
8. Draw reasonable conclusions based on research.
9. Write an organized, well‐edited essay that shows correct use of grammar.