Saudi 763 & Kazakh 1907

This paper will be about this accident which is Saudi 763 & Kazakh 1907. Actually I’m not sure if that will be research paper or not but I will attache a file that has all information that you need. Also one of the requirement is to write at least two elements we have learned in class to this paper, so I will write some elements that we took in class and you can choose two of them. These are some elements: 1- Introduction to SMS. 2- History and evolution of safety. 3- Principles of quality management. 4- Hazards. 5- Risks. 6- controls. 7- Taxonomies. 8- Process-based safety risk management. 9- managing the SMS. 10- Tools and analysis methods. ( please this paper worth a lot of points so please be sure that will be one of the best paper in class. Thank you