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Assessment overviewAcross the duration of this unit you have engaged, explored, explained, elaborated and evaluated. This 5E approach has been modelled in your learning materials and has been practised in your activities. The 5E approach is summarised in this diagram:primary-connections-5EsPrimary Connections 5Es teaching and learning model (adapted from Australian Academy of Sciences, 2011, p. v)This assessment task requires you to use your knowledge of the 5E approach to produce four 5E learning plans, at four year levels of primary science and across the four disciplines (Science Understanding sub-strands).Assessment detailsYou are to complete your learning plans using the templates provided in the Assessments section of Blackboard. For each learning plan, you are required to complete a rationale (150-200 words), and for each of the 5Es, come up with activities, resources and/or experiences, and an explanation for these.Your folio of learning plans must demonstrate the following:Cover at least one content description for each of the following Science Understanding sub-strands at each year level (refer to Additional resources, below, for relevant templates). Note in some of the templates provided, the Science Understanding content descriptions have already been decided for you.Each 5E learning plan will also be expected to cover at least one sub-strand from the Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills strand (covered in weeks 8-11 of your learning materials).Each 5E learning plan will be assessed individually and will each be worth 15% of the total mark.In order to pass this assessment, there must be evidence of a serious attempt at all four 5E learning plans.Additional resourcesFoundation: Biological sciencesYear 2: Chemical sciencesYear 4: Earth and space sciencesYear 6: Physical sciencesSubmission detailsThis assessment will be submitted via Turnitin. See the Assessment 2 section of Blackboard for more detailed information.Assessment criteriaKnowledge of science concepts and curriculum requirements.Application of 5E pedagogy within planning.Evaluation and justification of each of the learning plan elements (activities, experiences and resources).Academic expression.==================