Section Two: Recommendations

OL 215 Final Project Two

Profile of a Struggling Company


Section One:

Note: This is milestone one updated with instructor’s feedback.

1) Current Management Planning: Assess how the current management planning practices interfere with or prohibit the organization’s ability to optimally function.  You should consider the P-O-L-C framework in your explanation.

{Insert a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs}

2) Employees’ Perception and Organizational Culture: Describe how the employees’ perception and organizational culture have been impacted by management’s performance.  You should consider the connections between management and its impact on culture.

{Insert a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs}

3) Communication: Explain how communication has played a part in management’s inability to increase employee performance.  You should consider the connections to specific communication barriers that exist within the organization.

{Insert a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs}

Section Two: Recommendations Complete this section only.

Note: The recommendations in this section should be very specific.

Describe how implementing the fundamental principles of management will help to improve the management process within the company.


  • Implementation of ________________ will improve the management process by __________.
  • Implementation of _________ will allow management to ___________ which can lead to ___________ (discuss the result).

Identify how aspects of the fundamental principles of management will be implemented and communicated to all personnel within the company.


  • The changes will be communicated to employees by _________ .
    • Training? Email? A meeting? A kick-off celebration? A town-hall? Individual team meetings? Poster reminders and communication?
  • Management will develop _______________ communication/training that will explain __________________.

Describe how the application of the fundamental principles of management will lead to increased employee performance.


  • These recommendations will improve employee performance in ______ areas.
    • Some performance areas to consider: efficiency, quality, collaboration, error reduction, customer service…etc.

Explain how applying ethical principles to the fundamental principles of management would be sustained and monitored by the company.


  • Management will monitor the adherence to ethical principles through ___________.
    • Anonymous reporting? Positive reinforcement? Self-reporting? External auditors? Customer feedback? External stakeholder feedback (suppliers, etc.)?

Section Three: Conclusion

Describe clear links between management principles, actions and organizational success.

For example:

Management Principle Action taken Organizational Success
Management sets goals for technology training in the coming year. 4 trainings planned and scheduled with multiple times to accommodate employee work schedule and preference. Improved performance and efficiency with technology resulting in fewer errors and reduced cost related to error correction.