SEI Strategies in a SIOP Lesson Plan


1) Create a SIOP lesson plan that integrates language objectives, content objectives, and best instructional practices for ELLs, as well as authentic assessment. Complete Resource 2: SIOP Lesson Plan, found in the Course Resources Folder.
a) Choose a performance objective from a content area standard (science, social studies, math, reading, or writing). This will serve as the ?content? objective for your lesson.
b) Determine the English language proficiency standard that best suits the academic standard. This will serve as the ?language? objective for your lesson.
c) Consider applicable language acquisition stages of development in the development of your plan.
2) Write an essay of 1000-1250 words in which you explain how the lesson should be taught. Include best practices for comprehensible input and feedback, assessments, building background, vocabulary instruction, and grouping and interaction practices.
3) Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section.
4) Submit both the SIOP Lesson Plan and the essay as one deliverable.