Seminar in Communication and Negotiation in Employee Relations

Voice, as it is used here, means that people have a right to speak, to give input, to not be “muted.” To some extent if one isn’t allowed a voice, then one isn’t really present or important. This bears on such organizational communication issues as decision making, participation, offering opinions, speaking one’s mind, etc. For this discussion,
Provide us with an analysis of one of the worst OR best occasions of voice in an organization to which you have been party. Give us a few sentences to describe the situation and then use the materials on Voice to describe what made it the best or worst.
As there is one reading this week, try to get three separate citations (from different places and on different concepts in the reading) as well as at least one citation from the lecture and one from an outside source. Don’t forget to start with a clear and concise claim set apart from the rest of your post as well. Exam response should still be between 300-500 words.