“Your first car is one of the greatest things you can receive in your adolescence; everything about it gives you a joy that is seldom matched. Some of the fondest memories one can have are those of their first car. _x000D_
One hot muggy day while I was mowing the lawn my mother pulled up in a brand new 1999 cherry red Ford Mustang. As I approached the car I could hear its 220 horsepower engine growling like a hungry lion. When I got closer I couldnt help but notice the shiny luster from the new paint, I was in love. The only problem was this was going to be my moms new car and I was still going to be stuck with my brothers white Dodge Neon with rusted brown accents. _x000D_
As I continued to inspect the car I noticed the polished chrome rims surrounded by tires that were black as night. My mother asked me what I thought of the car and I told her with minor enthusiasm that I thought it was nice. The fact of the matter was I was boiling over with rage and jealousy at the thought of my forty-five year old mother driving around in a brand new muscle car. As she drove back to the dealership to finalize the deal I screamed an obscenity so loud that birds from a nearby tree flew away in fear of their safety. _x000D_
When my mother came home she shot me a big smile and said congratulations on your new car and handed me the keys. I was so ecstatic I could barely speak, as I stepped into my car for the first time I was overwhelmed by that intoxicating new car smell. I looked all around checking out the sleek and stylish interior of my new car. The comfortable plush bucket seats were a light creamy beige color. The dashboard and control panel were illuminated with brightly colored lights. Then I turned the radio on and was startled by the loud thundering bass coming from my speakers. _x000D_
After inspecting the inside I turned my attention to what really matters which is what is under the hood. When I opened the hood I was greeted with the aroma… “