short case analysis assignment

Short Case Assessment Questions
After reading all of the cases, download the Short Case Discussion Form and answer the questions in the order given below. When you respond to the question, give your answer to one question for all of the cases before going on the next question. In other words, answer question 1 for each of the cases, then question 2 for all the cases, etc. That way, it’s easy to see how your answer varies by case.
1) Rank order the cases according to what you think is their importance for managers. You get to decide which cases you would like to discuss in class, and should explain what your criteria are for ranking them in the order you chose. In other words, you should have a reason why you decided that #1 is most interesting, #2 is next most interesting, etc.
2) Name the management concepts and models that you think are applicable in the situation and that explain why the case situation exists, and why you think that. Use your Mgt. 360 textbook as needed. Be as specific as possible. Stay away from very broad, general concepts like “leading,” “organizing” and “controlling.” Rather, for example, talk about very specific concepts like feed-forward controls, feedback controls, etc., and explain how they apply to the situation. If the case doesn’t seem to lend itself very well to answering this question, do your best.
3) Develop one solution for your 3 top-ranked cases that addresses the situation indirectly. In other words, you should attempt to address the underlying CAUSE of the problem, not just the apparent SYMPTOM. Your solution should address the structures or context that created the situation or caused it to continue, rather than solving the problem directly by acting on the person or thing at the center of the case. For example, if employees are complaining about their jobs and causing problems with co-workers, direct action would be to discipline the employees or to fire them. Indirect action would be to change the reward system or redesign the job or re-organize the work flow or the work unit itself, etc. The best solutions will make the problems “disappear” by changing their context or environment such that solution eliminates the conditions that create such problems or allow them to continue.

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Question 3: Solution to #1 Ranked Case






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Question 3: Solution to #3 Ranked Case