Short term planning(FLL point of difficulty and language learning strategy)


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This course is ‘Exploring language pedagogy Theory and Practice’This is my second assignmentPlease first read the attached file topic information booklet to know what the assignment will about . Then, read the following:This what I will present in my presentation and I want you to do the written part 1500 words according to what I will present in my presentation .So, I chose the point of difficulty, because I want to be an English teacher in Saudi Arabia I’ve selected the point of difficulty that most of Saudi students have. Actually Saudi Students learned English for 9 years as a compulsory subject .Then,they can hardly speak in accurate fluent English . The reason is because the problem of the education system.English curriculums in Saudi Arabia focus on grammar rules without putting emphasis on how to use these grammar rules in improving their speaking skills. That’s why my lesson will be about (Giving advise by using model verbs) I want to make them know how to use this grammar rules ‘Modal verbs’, which they already know in the previous lesson, in communicative situation ‘Giving advice” . So as an introduction to the lesson I’ll great my students and ask how is everyone going? Then, I will tell them my personal feeling as an invitation to share their suggestion I’ll say ‘I’ve got a bad toothache’ I’m not feeling well.What should I do? .By asking them this question ,I’m applying Bloom’s Taxonomy because I connect them to their existing knowledge .So, I’ll be able to know if they can apply what they have learned in the previous lesson which was about ‘Modal verbs’.Then, after listening to their response I’ll say ‘Today we are focusing on how to give an advice by using modal verbs’Then,I’ll make a connection to their existing knowledge ,and also in this way I’m applying Bloom’s taxonomyFor example : I will say ‘What do you know about modal verbs’?-‘Do you think we can use them in giving advices’?So, in this way I’m linking their prior knowledge to the present learning .Then, I’ll explain to them how to give an advice by using modal verbs ,and what is the affirmative and the negative form .After that ,I’ll divide the class into 8 groups according to their intelligence . I’ll explain all the 8 activities to them ,and then give them the opportunity to join any group they want .’please see the activities in the attached PowerPoint, and add activity to the intrapersonal because I could not find suitable activity’Dear writer so now you know you know what you will go back and read page 4 from the attached file ‘topic information booklet’ I’ll attached also an example of a lesson plan that our teacher give us. Please add one more activity as a revision activity for the whole class In addition to the first activity that I designed which about Gardner multiple intelligence.I need 3 references with annotated bibliography 3 sentences only. One sentences brief summary for the reference and 2 sentences explain how this reference is useful for designing this lesson.