This project to be done is only an outline not the paper. The research and outline has got to be extremely thorough because it’s around 60 percent of the grade. I need it to be so detailed that anyone off the streets could write a paper from it. The paper that will be written from this outline will be a 8 page paper. The outline has got to be authentic because it will be ran through over 300 data bases for authenticity. I will attached an instruction sheet; this includes a sample outline and how the outline will be graded. Also I have included a separate attachment with the paper topic and different perspectives. It is highly important that you read, understand and follow these two attachments to the letter. If I receive an 90percent or high on this outline and I get bogged down on doing this paper later on I will return to the writer that help me with this outline when the time come for the paper to be done. AGAIN I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THE RESEARCH AND OUTLINE NEEDS TO BE THOURGH TO INCLUDE 2 PEER-REVEIWS ARTICLES AND 2 ACIDEMIC REFERANCES.