Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

A famous cartoon of the early 1960’s was Mr. Peabody and Sherman. In this cartoon, Mr. Peabody (the most famous dog/scholar on earth) would take his protege, Sherman (a middle school kid) back in time to learn about history in his time travel machine called The Way Back Machine (pictured in the cartoon). Mr. Peabody has agreed to let YOU use the Way Back Machine to go back to 1962 to have a conversation with Rachel Carson. You are successfully transported back to her study in Southport Maine in the summer of 1962. You explain to her that you are a time travelling college student taking a class in Environmental Ethics from the year 2017. Your mission is to tell her about how Silent Spring contributed to the creation of the environmental ethics in the United States, the impact of this movement on our society, the further development of our environmental concerns in the 21st Century, and who is championing these concerns. Write an 800-word essay reporting what you told Miss Carson. Your paper should have at least three complete citations from Silent Spring (MLA format), and at least 2 from other sources (MLA Format) . Your essay must be a word document with a minimum of 800 words. It must be double spaced, in TIMES ROMAN 12 point font.