social, political, cultural

The films we have screened in the second part of the course display some reactions to the challenges (social, political, cultural) posed by the implementation of the transformative ideas that had emerged in the earlier part of the decade, including percei

Using THREE of the films we have seen in the second part of the course: Blowup; Memories of Underdevelopment; The President’s Analyst; Wild in the Streets; and Easy Rider, write a well-supported, 9-12 page academic essay exploring how the three films you choose show reactions to the changes proposed by the counterculture (what are the changes proposed by the counterculture explored in the film, and how does the film address/support/dismiss/question or challenge them?) REMEMBER, your paper must be ONE, FLOWING essay, not three essays on each of the specific films.
Some questions you might consider in your essay: Are the films critical towards the ideas of transformation that emerged in the period? If so, what alternatives (if any) do they propose to move society forward into the future? How do the films you choose address, if at all, the continuing transformation initiated by the cultural movements of the early 1960s, and how do they propose to overcome any obstacles to them? Draw on the class readings, class discussion, and notes, as well as any additional research materials necessary for contextualization to complete your paper. You are expected to use CONTEXTUALIZED quotes from the articles and book in order to illustrate and support your points. You are also expected to use a consistent academic citation style (any style, as long as it is consistent throughout your paper). PAPERS ARE EXPECTED TO BE typed and doubled-spaced, in a common font in size 11 or 12, with numbered pages and one-inch margins all around. No cover page is necessary. Neither a cover page nor a bibliography page count as a page in the paper.