1. With reference to the two documents ‘The third sector delivering public services: an evidence review’ (2010) and ‘Third sector partnerships for public service delivery: an evidence review’ (2012):
a) discuss the historical context referred to in the 2010 publication, paying particular attention to when partnerships in the Third Sector became important themes in strategic management in the public sector;
b) with particular reference to the 2012 publication, identify and discuss the range of drivers and rationales for the partnerships in the Third Sector.
Write up to 750 words

2. With reference to section two (“The Big Society: Ideas, attitudes and perceptions”) of the document ‘The Voluntary Sector in Transition: changing priorities, changing ideologies’, critically assess the Big Society approach to the voluntary sector and the work of voluntary sector organizations. You should pay particular attention to the possible advantages and disadvantages this approach.

Write up to 750 words

With reference to section 3 (‘Emerging Forms of Third Sector partnerships for public service delivery; governance, accountability and outcomes’) of the document “Third Sector Partnerships for Public Service Delivery: an evidence review” (2012), choose four forms of partnership identified in the chart on page 22 and discuss, in up to 250 words for each, their advantages and drawbacks.

With reference to the range of publications identified in the module guide and on Moodle, discuss changes in the ways that policy makers/governments have viewed the role of voluntary sector organizations in the delivery of social services over time and the factors that have influenced these changes. Make reference to the roles and functions voluntary sector organizations serve within the context of a civil society.

Write up to 1000 words