Each answer should be 700 words. Avoid too much detail or description. You should be analysing and arguing.
Foundation of Sociology – Module 1
1a. The suburb you live in and the school you went to largely shape the person you become. Discuss.
1b. Is the ‘Australian dream’ of a good job, a nice home, and a decent income available to all people in Australia? Why/why not? Provide a sociological justification for your answer.
Youth – Module 2
2a. In sociological theory, what are youth subcultures? Does the theory retain relevance for understanding youth’s contemporary condition?
2b. What insights does sociological research provide in helping us to understand the ‘crisis of masculinity’?
Families and Relationships – Module 3
3a. Which social factors have most influenced change in Australian families over the past 50 years? Provide examples.
3b. Why are contemporary young people choosing to delay, or avoid, marriage and childbearing?
3c. What are the major sociological reasons why work/life balance is difficult for many Australian parents? What policies could improve the situation?
3d. In what ways does migration and colonisation impact on family relationships?