Write a respond to the below post:

Constant 1.388 Sex -.028 Race.047

When looking at the coefficient chart, utilizing the B (Beta) value or the slope, constant, sex of interviewer and race of interviewer to produce an equation for this statistical purposes it would be as follows.

SUICINC =1.388 – (Sex x .028) + (race X .047)

The standardized coefficients of sex of interviewer and race of interviewer also need to be considered, as this indicate that race has a larger impact than sex when utilized for this study. I would interpret this as race has the most impact on suicide if one has an incurable disease.

I have limited my research to two variables throughout as the professor in the beginning stated to keep it simple. Using the Bivariate analysis gave me good information on my subject matter, however if I were to use the multivariate analysis it greatly enhances my research and provides increased information for the reader to understand a complex situation. So I do understand how more is better in this case to clarify and give a complete understanding of the subject matter. I was a little surprised with the findings that race had more of an impact than sex. But that just shows what one might expect can be proven wrong.