Sociology of Aging

Readings: Demography Is Not Destiny
The Graying of Rural America
Policies and Politics for an Aging America

Questions: What demographic (population) changes in aging are occurring? What are the challenges and opportunities of these demographic changes

in aging? Provide some suggestions regarding what should be done to maximize the opportunities and minimize the challenges.

Guidelines for writing papers:
• Each paper should be 3 ½ – 5 pages double-spaced in 11-12 size font with reasonable page margins.
• Should answer all of the questions provided based upon the three readings.
• Please make sure that your paper contains information from all of the readings.
• Please follow the citation guidelines below.
• Format as a normal paper with an introduction and conclusion, but make sure that all questions are addressed.
• Extensions may be allowed for family and personal emergencies but are up to the discretion of the instructor.

In-text citations guidelines:
• In-text citations should be used.
• Remember to include page numbers if you use a direct quote from the article.
• A bibliography/reference page is not needed unless you use sources besides the course materials.
• No specific style is required, although APA or ASA are preferred and citations must be done consistently.

Grading Guidelines:
Full points will be awarded to papers that do all of the following:
(1) Follow the guidelines.
(2) Answer all of the questions completely and thoroughly.
(3) Discuss the points in the article correctly.
(4) Discuss relevant points from all of the articles.
(5) Provide clear and logical statements and arguments.
(6) Use correct grammar and spelling.