As you have completed the chapters on global inequality and gender stratification, let’s put what you have learned to the test.
Women are different.Regardless of culture, women everywhere suffer from second-class status. But by which culture’s standard is

this status gauged?

PART 1:Create a commentary in the form of a PowerPoint split-screen. Demonstrate gender stratification, but do not include a

comparison to men. Instead, depict women of any two cultures for comparison/contrast.
You will only produce one slide. You may use still images, but not video. Be sure to use only appropriate images (i.e., those that

can be shown to general audiences).
PART 2:In addition to the slide, write a one-page (minimum) narrative reflecting your thoughts on global inequality and gender

stratification as depicted in your slide. Compare/contrast your personal opinion or experience with that of society. The narrative

should be a double-spaced, thoughtfully written, grammatically correct Word document.
Minimum – one page
Maximum – two pages