Sports Coaching – Thesis Work experience

-Critical evaluation of my coaching work experience
-Interweaving of Theory and Practice
-explaning why i used different theory’s
– Make sure in text referencing is used
The organisation chosen this work experience is a semi pro football club called Tokyngton manor FC. They are a football coaching organisation, in which is dedicated to help develop young football players from the age of 12-18 and hopefully those young players with a chance of becoming professional football players as their full time career. This football club has 6 coaches, in which all have FA level 2 football coaching, and a few perusing their EUFA b license. Therefore it shows they all have considerable coaching experience. This organisation coaches a large variety of age groups, which is suitable for a young coach to learn how to interact and use different coaching methods and theory’s correspondent to each age group. This organisation has also previously help young coaches improve and gain experience in the past, therefore validating that they are a suitable organisation for work experience.