Stamp Act Crisis of 1756 to the Boston Massacre in 1770

History 135 Midterm Essay

a) fully address all parts of the essay topic; b) provide clear evidence to support all important statements; c) make a clear and logical argument from the evidence or clear discussion or analysis of the event and the evidence; d) draw two clear concluding paragraphs with the first one providing clear summary conclusions about the topic and with the second concluding paragraph providing a clear historical context for your essay that explains what the event or actions meant to the people then, what the events meant 50 to 100 years later and what they mean to us or to you now. This paper will be submitted through a plagiarism-check cite. Use MLA format, margins, fonts, page references and works cited page.


Topic: Explain in detail the events that led from the Stamp Act Crisis of 1765 to the Boston Massacre in 1770. Consider the following: Why did successive English government ministers continue to attempt to tax the colonists when they know the colonists would resist paying any taxes imposed by the British Parliament? Why were the anti-Stamp Act riots successful? Why was the boycott of British goods due to the Townshend duties successful? What led there to be so many British troops in Boston in 1770? Why was there a Boston Massacre? What was the result of all of these public actions and private efforts on the opinions and understanding of general population of the colonies? How did these actions and efforts shape public opinion and public political understanding? Be very specific.