Stand your Ground Law

There are approximately twenty-three (23) states that have stand your ground laws. Chose one that has this law. In this paper please provide,

at a minimum, the following information: Citation for the state statute you have chosen (do not need the entire law); its legislative history,

date passed, and effective date. In your opinion, what is the most important part or section of this law. Explain why you believe that is so.

Any cases (state or federal) that have considered the constitutionality of the statute in the past; if none, state so. What were the rulings

were in those cases? Cite any United States Supreme Court cases that have ruled on these types of statutes. Could the United States Congress

pass a national stand your ground law, or would that be unconstitutional? State your argument for the constitutionality of these types of laws,

using a minimum of three (3) outside sources.