State the Problem or Research Question


Identify the problem or issue you intend to investigate. Discuss how you arrived at the specific topic following preliminary research to narrow one of the general topics. Identify the purpose of your report by stating your research question or thesis.
Reason for interest in the topic
Discuss the reason for your interest in this topic and/or why it is significant. State what you plan to accomplish through your research. Talk about your email or face to face consultation with your advisor and how it shaped your approach to the topic.
Research and organizational plan
Discuss your research plan. This section needs to say more than “I plan to research as many sources as possible to find the information I need.”
This section should include a description of how you plan to approach the topic, a tentative outline, and what specific sources you have already reviewed or plan to access to get the information you need.
Remember that you are writing a technical research report (not a research paper), so use the guideline questions on the Formal Report Assignment as starting points. You are attempting to write an objective analysis of your research findings, completely different than the argumentative research papers you may have written in Composition.