Strategic Marketing


Read the case study and answer the following questions.
1. What are the key products that Aqualisa make and sell and how are they satisfying the need of their consumers?
2. How do Aqualisa divide up their core product offerings and why do they do it in this way?
3. How do Aqualisa view innovation and how will it help them? What are the barriers to innovation?
4. The 4 Ps are covered in this article from a marketing point of view. What strategies are Aqualisa using in each "P"?
5. Do a SWOT analysis for this company. What key conclusions can you make from this analysis?
6. What made Aqualisa vulnerable in the market and how could this be fixed?
7. What shift in marketing strategy helped Aqualisa?
8. How does the "Strategic Window" influence what Aqualisa do and what factors influence it in the case of this company?
9. You are the CEO of Aqualisa….what recommendations would you make in terms of Marketing over the next 5 years?