Student Name.Annotated Bibliography

Order type: Annotated BibliographySubject: LawAcademic level: MasterStyle: APA
I need to submit an annotated bibliography of 10-12 references. Cite each reference using APA style (see Chapter 7 of the APA manual), using hanging indention. In 1-3 sentences beneath the reference citation, you should summarize the article, discuss how it might be useful in your paper, and state in which of the four main sections of the paper you might use it. You might not use all of these references in the final paper, but this shows that you are finding references and the scope of references you are finding. There should be at least several academic references included in this assignment. Similar to prior order for Concept Paper, this is a separate Word document from the Capstone template that has become your working paper; do not include a cover page but rather type student name and “Annotated Bibliography” (without quotation marks) at the top of the first page. This is because the References section of the capstone paper should only include citations actually used in the paper and does not include the annotated summaries. I made an order for 2 pages as I am not sure how much space it may take. I also wasn’t sure if I should count space for references itself as you have those from prior works… Just make it right and let me know if I need to pay extra. Next order will be larger for Literature Review Section