Study on the financial stress of undergraduate students in Hong Kong



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• Please state the number of words used at the end of the assignment.
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• All work used within the assignment should be appropriately referenced.
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Laboratory Report

You are required to submit a 3000 word lab report on a study about financial stress of undergraduate students. You will have conducted this study as part of taught seminars for this module.

In the study, you will make use of the following instruments:

a) Financial Stress Scale (Northern, J.J., O’Brien, W. H., & Goetz, P.W. ,
b) General Health Questionnaire 12 (Goldberg, 1992)
c) The Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS) (Dinner, E.D., et al, 1985)

In addition, the study will include measurement of variables such as
full-time employment experiences, marital status, income, academic attainment, age, gender, & engagement with part-time or full-time jobs.

Your report should make reference to all of the above elements.

The report should consist of the following parts:

• Clearly worded Title
• Abstract
• Introduction
• Literature review – a clear theme with arguments supported by relevant findings
• Research aims and objectives – research questions /hypotheses derived logically from the literature review
• Research method – well thought-through design, choice of participants, sampling method, choice of instruments, data collection and management
• Data analysis and findings – the analyses should concert with research questions and hypotheses
• Discussion and conclusion – well connected discussions on contribution of the findings & reflections on the methods
• References
• Appendices