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As in any industry, any time a senior employee in a leadership position retires, resigns, or leaves the organization for any other reason, the consequences could be severe In health care, a senior leader has spent years fulfilling the duties of the position, and during that time have acquired an extensive knowledge on the area they oversee and the goal of the organization. If that person leaves the organization abruptly the position must be backfilled by someone who will have to learn the ins and outs of the position over time, resulting in anything but a seamless transition in leadership. The purpose of a succession plan is to create appropriate training for employees that will prepare them to step into these positions and perform the leadership responsibilities with minimal disruption to the organization. This will ensure stability and efficiency during times of stress.
Consider the following scenario: You have been promoted to a new position and will be relocating. Your last responsibility in your current position is to train your replacement.
Develop a Succession Plan for the employee who will replace you. Consider using your current job as the basis for this assignment or any job that you can discuss competently and with detail.
Analyze primary functions of the role (the job description).
Consider the following questions as you are developing your plan:
What is the organization’s purpose and vision for this position?
What are the key gaps, or areas of improvement, in the position?
Are there any specific skills that are required for this position?
Does the position have responsibilities that can only be accomplished by someone possessing a specific set of skills?
Are there strengths identified in your SWOT analysis that can be used to prepare the new employee?
How will you implement your plan?
Which mentoring strategies will you use in your Succession Plan to inspire your replacement to promote the organization’s mission and vision?
Write a 700-word summary of your Succession Plan and address the questions above in your summary.
Provide in-text citations and references for all sources cited; format according to APA guidelines.
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