SummaryAssignment 3: Research and evaluation


Weighting: 45%
Length: 2000 words
Description: Select a topic associated with research and
evaluation that is a current focus in educational technology
(e.g., online community development; mobile learning,
social networking, training of remote professionals,
security etc.). Perform a literature search to identify a
range of academic research or evaluation studies that
inform or are related to your topic. The studies should refer
to qualitative and or quantitative data.
Your assignment will include:
A minimum of 10 academic sources to include in a
reference list
A fully referenced introduction to the topic you are
Four annotated sources, including:
A concise summary of the central theme and
scope of the article
2. A comment on the intended audience
A description of what was done, what was
found – the purpose of the study, methodology
(design, participants, setting, analysis), results,
4. A comparison to other work you have cited
An explanation of how this particular work
informs or supports the topic.
You are to present your work in a wiki., a blog, a website
or a similar media. Please see the following samples to
see how to organize your presentation (Note. These are
only suggestions, feel free to use others):
Website (using Webs, Yola, or similiar)
Wiki (using Wikispaces)
Blog (using Blogger)
This should provide a description of your theme or topic. It
should provide an overview of your analysis of what you
have learned from the range of sources you have read.
This overview should also include implications for practice
in educational settings. (500 words).
This should include your 4 annotated sources. For each
2 of 4 04-May-16 5:08 PM
source provide the annotation criteria listed above. (4X250
This page should include a minimum of 10 (no more than
15) relevant academic sources.
Assignment submission. You will submit this assignment
as a cover sheet. The cover sheet will include all relevant
student and assignment information (e.g. your name,
student number, title of assignment, etc.). You will include
a URL to your website in this cover sheet. I will assess
your assignment through the URL. If you want to provide a
back up word document (e.g. all annotations and rational)
of your assignment, you can email it to me.
Info about Assignment 3
The intent of this task to have you engage with current
research literature in the area of educational technology. If
you notice, you are asked to find a minimum of 10 articles
in a chosen topic area. You will then choose 4 of those
articles to annotate. The four points you are being asked
to address in the annotations are in the task description.
You should choose a topic you are interested in and is
potentially useful for your work, it will make the task much
easier. I would expect the 10 articles you are using to be
referenced at some point in your Introduction. You can
double-up the citations. You can use the articles we have
used in this course. If you choose to use any of articles
from the subject in the annotated list I will expect the
summaries for these articles to be very in-depth, as we
have already used them in class.
For a definition of academic literature, go here.
For help organizing and conceptualizing your annotated
review, you can refer to the UOW literature
review resources.