Supply Chain

Write a term paper (maximum 2,000 words) applying the content of the Supply Chain Management program to a supply chain with which you are familiar. The focus of the paper should be on the managerial implications to practice when you apply this material and how it may change current practice. You must make a recommendation relating to the organization?s supply chain strategy. There are no restrictions as to how many or which supply chain content areas are included in the paper, but you must include a discussion of risk management.?
As it says in the instructions, there are no restrictions other than the inclusion of risk management. With that said, you should consider all of your ?Supply Chain Management? or general MBA courses as sources of material. What I am looking for is a clear recommendation or set of recommendations, with particular focus on why you are making this recommendation (e.g. tie to competitive advantage) and how it can be implemented (including topics such as finance, HR, the potential risks and challenges, etc). There are no restrictions on the formatting. If you would like to follow the guidelines that we have used for the other cases, that is perfectly acceptable (Executive Summary, Background, Problem Statement, Analysis, Recommendations)