Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Essay Content: Items that you must address in this essay are:
• The city, state, or province that you call home
• A prominent mode of transportation in that city, state, or province
• What factors or reasons have led to the prominence of this mode of transportation in this region?
• Why are other modes of transportation not as prominent in this region?
• What are some current challenges faced by the prominent mode of transportation?
• What are some future challenges or limitations that might be faced by this prominent mode of transportation?

• The essay must be 400-600 words in total length.
• The essay must be formatted as a Word file (.docx file extension) or as a PDF.
• Use double line spacing and 12 point font.
• Do not include any graphics, pictures, or charts.

• Late assignments are not accepted for any reason and will be scored as a zero for the essay portion. There are NO exceptions so plan accordingly and don’t wait until the last day (or last minute).

Academic Honesty:
• Feel free to cite and paraphrase from reputable sources but do not directly copy or quote from any sources (published or unpublished).
• Citations should be in any easily understandable format.
• Any evidence of plagiarism will be graded as a zero.

• As described in the course syllabus, essays will be graded by student teams. See the syllabus and posted grading instructions for further details.
• Up to 10 points can be earned based on how well your essay is ranked by the student team.
• If you participate in your grading team, you will earn an additional 5 points.
• For this assignment, there are 15 total maximum points.
• Each student grading team must submit the completed grading form to the appropriate D2L dropboxby 11:30pm on Thursday, November 17, 2015. If the form is not completed on time, no team members will earn points for grading.