Supply chain management


Project Guideline
SCM Class Project (1/3):

Project topics: Research for strategies in the company based on UAE but stretch to the world.

Pick the technology company that is target for the project:
•Investment of the company background in supply chain management perspectives.
•Find the target (global) supply chain problems in the company:
•Supply chain could be related with Operations, Demand Forecasting, and/or Strategic Decision in running their business.

Analysis of the current strategic matters:
•Studying for management activities during the international business.

SCM Class Project (2/3):

Procedures (cont.):
1. Determine the problems in the supply chain.
2. Provide the improved solutions in the supply chain:
•Various supply chain management and/or operations management tools could be applied for their supply chain improvement.

SCM Class Project (3/3):
The report should contain the following contexts:
1. Company background.
2. Historical background.
3. Market research for the industry sector in UAE and global.
4. Bring the strategic issues which could be in the supply chain (or operations) for the business.
5. Applying the operations tools such as CPM/PERT, Process Analysis, Lean/Six- sigma and so on.
6. Bring your insights regarding the strategic decisions.