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1.Assignment Instructions ? Essay (case study) research on sustainability, it will involve gathering stories from current affairs and the media; which you will then critically evaluate the environmental issues and their impact on an organisational context in sight of sustainable leadership and a sustainable business future. On this essay can be highlighted the Sustainability Strategy on Aspire Zone foundation in Qatar, aspire zone one of the biggest sports organaistion in the world , it has the member organization is: *(asire academy) * (aspetar) * (aspire logistics)The impact of Aspire zone foundation is to drives global progress in sportshttps://www.aspirezone.qaAspire Logistics has been delivering optimal venue operations and services since 2006. These world class services include event planning and venue management, which provides clients with detailed insight into the venue layout and facilities, as well as the services and logistics necessary for their event.https://www.aspirelogistics.qaCan be highlighted also the Sustainability strategies on the Venues and the Events happening yearly. essay, must critically evaluate the Sustainability Strategy of Sport Events in Aspire zone Facilities. lessens the negative and enhances the positive impact of the event on people, the economy and the environment, It’s important to provide original and critical contents. ? To ensure the essay covers, power, leadership, politics and resistance in the discussion2. Assignment Structure• Clear Introduction (250 words)• Presentation (500 words) Explaining the nature of the “Sustainability Strategy of Sport Facilities of FIFA and Olympic Games. To introduce the “Sustainability” Theory (1100 words)• Introduce the organisational change theory/models you are proposing to use in your report and explain how you are proposing to apply them to your analysis. Need to emphasize the role of leaders in relation to sustainability issues within an organisational context.• Analysis and Discussion (1100 words) The final stage in the process, involves to applying the theory to the analysis and discussion of the implications and the impact on ‘individuals and the organisation’; including discussion on leadership, power and politics in the process. In this section it’s important to provide original and critical contents. Must present real life examples or cases.)• Conclusion (250 words) • References (minimum 12 including 5 academic journal papers – Harvard style) •• To Present in the appendix a Story Board gathering stories from current affairs and the media;minimum 5 journals referencesless===============