Synthesis 1

Subject area Management Academic Level Ph. D.Subject area Management Academic Level Ph. D.
Throughout this week?s readings, key debates and questions are identified that a management researcher will need to consider before embarking on management research, identifying a topic for research, developing research questions, and selecting a methodology. Management research is a much-contested terrain, and the site of many competing philosophies and ensuing tensions.Given this week?s required readings and your further research, complete a 750? to 1,000? word Literature Synthesis by Saturday in which you:Explore and discuss these key debates and how they might inform your own views of research and choosing a research topic. From your readings (including the additional resources you found) form a view of the relative merits and drawbacks of these various positions, as well as examples of research that would fit these various philosophies and approaches. How might the different stakeholders involved evaluate each type of research?