Systems Analysis Overview and Foundation Concepts

Assignment Overview
The following Providence Health Care case illustrates many of the key concepts and information presented in the background material for this module:
“In October of 1998, a Request for Proposals was issued to secure consulting assistance for the development of an Information Management Strategic Plan (IMSP) for Providence Health Care. The role of the consultants was to facilitate the planning process, work with a steering committee in the development of the plan and to consolidate the outcome of the planning efforts in the form of a document that would become the IMSP. To oversee the development of the IMSP, a steering committee was established. The Information Management Strategic Planning Steering Committee (IMSPSC) was made up of representatives from both the clinical and non-clinical service areas of the organization and also reflected a balanced representation of the various sites within PHC. The IMSPSC was comprised of the Vice President responsible for Information Systems (Executive Sponsor), Leader— Health Record Services (Project Manager) as well as representatives from Utilization Management, Financial Analysis, Nursing Informatics, Residential Care, Information Systems, Human Resources, Year 2000 Office, Family Practice and a second Vice President with administrative and clinical program responsibilities.”
Case Assignment
For this case assignment, carefully read the Preceding-Paper presented at the 2001 Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference (Implementing an Information Management Strategic Plan in a Multi-Hospital Setting).
Write a scholarly essay that clearly answers and addresses the following questions/requirements:
1. Within the context of the background material, what conclusions can you draw regarding Providence’s purpose and rationale for initiating their information systems analysis project/s?
2. What connections can you make regarding the project types, stage and organizational levels?
3. Describe any apparent life cycle methodology presented in the Providence case.
4. What, if any, systems life cycle analysis do you think was apparent in the Providence case?
5. Where any effects of prior automation evident? If so, what were they?
6. Describe any additional aspects from background material that you feel is significant to the Providence case.
Be sure to support your positions and arguments with convincing evidence, examples and explanations.
Assignment Expectations
Use information from the modular background materials and case assignment narrative as well as any quality resources you can find via the online libraries or Internet.
LENGTH: 3-4 pages typed and double spaced using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1 inch page margins.
The following items will be assessed in particular:
• Understanding of Systems Analysis as well as its purpose and application.
• Identification and description of relevant information systems and projects.
• Integration of the concept of systems life cycle analysis into your explanations and discussions.
• Incorporation of project planning concepts and identification of key tools useful for managing projects.
• Use and application of literature, expert opinion and references from your research to support your position, key points and explanations. Follow APA format for your paper including in-text citations and references