Taxation Case Study-Group work

*** – Principles of Microeconomics – Spring 2017
Taxation Case Study-Group work

The College of Business and Economics in Collaboration with Qatar Financial Center and Big four accounting firms organize the Tax training sessions on May 2017. It is required to attend the all program as it will be announced to you on BB and afterwards, you need to write a report and submit to your instructor as it explained below.
It was announced that GCC countries including Qatar are going to introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) on January 2018. This creates a lot of debate about the importance of tax and its impact of consumer behavior. As a business student, you are required to answer the following questions:

1- What is the definition of Taxes and their objectives?
2- What are the criteria for a good tax system?
3- Do you think imposing VAT will affect consumer behavior and to what extent, explain?
Case Study Guidelines:

1) The case study report length must be between 700-1000 words
2) The report is based on attending the tax awareness sessions which will be on 7-10 May for female ( Arabic and English) and 14-17 May for male (Arabic and English)
3) A brief introduction about the overall sessions. Following sections should answer each point of the abovementioned questions
4) You should highlight, what did you learn from attending this session, how it is useful and how to improve the program.
5) Attempt to link your answer with what you have learned in principles of Microeconomics especially with reference to chapters 1-4 from the textbook.
6) The case study worth 5% marks of the total marks of the course
7) The due date of the case study report is25 May, 2017. You submit it in class (hard copy) at the beginning of the class.
8) You are encouraged to use headings and sub-headings.
9) Any student suspected of copying another person’s work or plagiarising from the internet will be thoroughly investigated.
10) The case study report should be typed and well-presented and try to use the size 12 and times new roman for theme fonts. The distance between lines should be 1.5.
11) . Student should submit a cover page that includes full name of the students in each group, University ID, course name, course code and section number.
Additional information
1- To get a certificate from Qatar Financial Center, you should attend all sessions (four sessions)
2- There will prizes for best students participate in the discussion during the sessions
Good Luck