Teaching Demonstration


Design a type of teaching demo and i want you to use a material for the lesson and activity. The activity you are going to use is the (Taboo games) and the lesson i want you to design is for ESL Intermediate level; particularly for speaking and vocabulary skills because the games i given is design for speaking and vocabulary. Also, try to use some pictures to explain the vocabulary and so on. Make the lesson creative and simple to explain because this lesson will be applied in class so manage the time when you doing the lesson because the activity should take 15-20 minutes maximum. I have attached the form of how you are going to apply the Teaching Demonstration by writing the goals, rational..etc and the sample for how you are going to arrange the lesson and how you are going to write the reflection. Please read the attached materials very carefully. Then write 2 pages a reflection and there is details explanation about how you are going to write the reflection in my attachments.
In case you do not know the Tabbo games here is the explanation:
After we divided the class in to four groups. Each group has a volunteer come in front of the class and picks a card. Each card has guess word and under the guess word Taboo words. The volunteer should describe the word without using the taboo words. If the group knows the guessing word, they will be a winner.