Teams In Organizations: Cross-Cultural Issues in Teamwork


Teams In Organizations: Cross-Cultural Issues in Teamwork DESCRIPTION: For organizations to remain competitive in today’s global economy they must employ the most skilled workers available to them, regardless of geographic location. Expatriate assignments continue to be a popular option for organizations seeking to capitalize on international expertise. However, in order to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities provided to them by potential and new hires; organizations must be able to help teams overcome cultural differences to realize their full potential as an innovative and effective team. INSTRUCTIONS: Assume you are a team of I/O psychologists in charge of orienting new expatriates from three different countries to the culture of their teammates. Countries are USA, India,Spain and compare them using the Country Comparison tool on Use these comparisons on the 6 dimensions(Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity,Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation, Indulgence) that we talked about to predict potential problems that a team comprised of members of these cultures might face. Focus on the India, and talk about the 6 dimensions in India.