Terrorism: History, Effects, and How to stop it

The Research Paper must be 6–8 pages of text, not including the title page and bibliography page, using current APA format. You will choose the topic you write on, but your topic must be directly related to the study of terrorism.

Your paper must be written in 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1” margins all around. It must include a cover page with the paper title, student name, course name, and instructor name. Include page numbers in accordance with current APA guidelines. You must use a minimum of 5 sources from both online and printed source material. Save the paper as “ lastnamefirstinitial_cm.doc” (Ex. Murphy_cm.doc). You must use Microsoft Word (neither MS Works nor WordPerfect are acceptable).

Your paper must make a point. Do not merely report what is. Take what is, analyze it, interpret it in light of a personal Christian worldview, discuss options, and discuss things you think should change. Support your ideas, give alternatives to current practice and support them, and integrate material from textbook readings or lectures. If you are of a different major taking this as an elective, integrate your field into this project.

Proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is expected. Short, choppy sentences are NOT acceptable. This is a college course, and deductions will be made accordingly. You must not use personal pronouns (I, me, we, us, our, etc.), and the standards of academic writing must be applied.


Outline for CJUS 480 Research Paper for Joshua Smith

A. What is terrorism? (Definitions + Quotations from different journals)
B. Islamic Perspective
o Quranic Verses
o Ahadith
o Islamic History
C. Terrorism: Present and Past
D. Root causes of terrorism
o Social and political injustice
o Extremism
o Lack of Education (low literacy rate)
o Extremism and ethnicity
o Historical antecedents of political violence
o Poverty, Inflation and Economic downturn
o Non-democratic government
o Militancy and Anti inter-religion harmony sentiments
o Lack of tolerance
E. Effects of terrorism
o Political instability
o Psychological Stress
o Poverty and unemployment
o Minimal FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
o Maximum International borrowings (Loans)
F. Ways to combat terrorism
o Dialogue: A course to combat terrorism
o Vigilant check on religious and social clerics
o Empowered Anti-money laundering Procedures
o Media Support to propagate anti-terrorism sentiments
o Secure defense mechanism
o Social Media Accountability
o Background Checks on Refugees
G. Conclusion
H. References and Bibliography