Write BOTH Task1 and Task 2(read carefully)

Instructions for Task 1. (40%)
Examine the three authentic texts, suitable for communicative testing of Listening, Reading, or writing at intermediate level.

Select one or two text (s).

Design one test activity (either listening, reading or writing) which is underpinned by the principles of communicative testing. Provide

instructions to the candidates and a scoring system. Your test will take approximately one hour to administer. Your activity should include 5-8

item types for listening or reading and 1-2 item type(s) for writing.

Explain in about 800 words why you designed the activity in the way you did, referring to relevant concepts from the literature. This is the


Include at least two references. The texts have been posted on VITAL.

Instructions for Task 2. (60%)

Analyse and evaluate a General English test in Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Use of English. The test has been posted on VITAL.
Form teams of 4 or 5.
In your teams, analyse and evaluate the test.

Allocate the following topics to different team members:
a. evaluation of the Listening component
b. evaluation of the Reading
c. evaluation of the Speaking component
d. evaluation of the Writing component
e. evaluation of the Use of English component(write this part vocabulary and grammar)

Individually, describe each of the items or groups of items in your section of the test.
Provide a rationale for each item or group of items.
Show how the test items or groups of items fit into the test as a whole.
Making reference to concepts from the relevant literature, discuss the extent to which you believe that the test designers have succeeded in

producing a valid and reliable test. Explain how the test reflects the language use the candidates are likely to be involved in.
Include at least five references for the evaluation of your section of the test.

Write between 1500 and 2000 words for each individual section. DO not write introduction,just use of language
As for Task 2, please start from the purpose of the test based on the handbooks (two handbooks on VITAL thus you have more information about FCE

to evaluate the test) and evaluate the test in terms of validity, reliability, authenticity, practicality, washback and other essential test

design principles.
In your final assignment, you need to submit your work individually consisting of two parts:

a. Task 1: design and justify one test activity (either listening, reading or writing) within 800 words.

b. Task 2: introduction of the whole testing + your evaluation of one section (either listening, reading, speaking, writing or use of

English component) within 1500words.

Submission of a Soft Copy:

Late submission will be penalised. So please submit your assignment on time.

Advice for assignment

Task 1. Develop ONE test activity, reading, listening or writing)
5-8 item types for reading and listening. A test item type for reading and listening includes gap fill/ mcq/cloze/ true-false et al. Refer to

weekly lecture slides.

1-2 item types for writing. If you wish to design integrative tasks, refer to the writing task in TOEFL iBT (uploaded on VITAL).
If you feel the audio file is too short to design an one hour listening test, you could choose two texts.
Rationale means the reasons why you designed the test in the way you did.

Task 2. Evaluate one section of the test

Follow the publishers’ guidelines and website as closely as possible. Relevant links and documents have been uploaded on VITAL.

Interpret your test scores and refer to appropriate statistical analysis methods we discussed in sessions.

Your evaluation of the test should include a discussion of the issues relating to the key concepts in testing: validity, reliability,

authenticity, backwash, target language use, and practicability.

Refer to at least five references.
Please paginate your assignments.
Refer to the APA style closely, in particular the format of the in-text citations.
Please proof read your assignment (by your self or group members) before you submit your assignment.