The Analysis of Chopin’s Ballade

Please follow this instruction to write the research paper.


The first part
The structure of this research paper
This paper mainly introduces the current status of research and research methods in the field of the content and the meaning

The second part describes Chopin’s the life and the creation and development of the state during the creation of Chopin….you need to describe different period of time.(Warsaw 1. period 1810-1830, 2. Warsaw Uprising (1830 – 1831), 3 the heyday of Paris 1832 – 1845, 4 authoring late 1846 – 1849) and Chopin’s romantic period music Features


The third part of the creation of Chopin’s Ballade. You need to describe (1. Historical development,2 instrumental ballads generation 3. Chopin Ballade of creative features and style, 4. The creation of Chopin’s Ballade was affected by Romanticism, 5 literary of Chopin’s Ballade 6. The creation of Chopin Ballade influenced by emotional factors.


The fourth part, to analyze the piano concertos of Chopin’s Ballade and performance characteristics. the first and third Ballade as examples, you need to detailed analysis of each section and insert the relevant example of Ballade


Conclusion— how does the research help the performance? What’s the meaningful of the research?


Reputation Reference needed .