The Balanced Scorecard


Identify a company on which have been selected company. (will provide annual report for that company) Assume that you have been appointed to an Accounting role in that company. The management is aware that you are following a course on Strategic Management Accounting and they are keen to learn more about the Balanced Scorecard.
You are required to design, develop and outline a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) for that company or a Strategic Business Unit of the company.
Contents should include reference to:
the Company vision and mission;
the Company strategies;
a strategy MAP for the company.
Additionally, briefly explain the design and development of the BSC; and refer to implementation, reporting and monitoring using the BSC;
Make sure you also point out:
The way, if at all, that the BSC improves on how a company operated previously and explain how and to what extent Managerial Accounting will interface with a BSC.