The British colonies

The British Colonies in New England have always been given preference in tracing the origins of the United States of America. Growing up, all I personally ever learned about in elementary school and beyond was the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. I now realize that the Puritans represented only one chapter in the story of colonial America. It should be obvious from the Textbook Chapters and Video Lessons that colonial America was an extremely diverse place filled with people that did not look like, think like, or act like Puritans in New England. For this online discussion, I would like you to think about all the different colonial systems and societies you encountered in Unit I and answer the following two questions with a minimum of one paragraph per response.

1) Which of these New World colonial societies would you have preferred to live in and why?

2) Which of these New World colonial societies would you least like to have lived in and why?

For these two responses, you may choose between the British Northern Colonies, the British Middle Colonies, the British Southern Colonies, the Dutch and New Amsterdam colonies, New France, New Spain, or even specific Native American societies.

Remember to provide specific reasons for your selections.

Your response should be a minimum length of one substantial paragraph for each of these two questions.