“The Effectiveness of Communication Systems and Technologies in Delivering Adult education System “

Major Academic Report Proposal Outline

The proposal is to be written in accordance with the current edition of APA publication

guidelines, which requires one-inch margins, a running head, a cover page, table of contents,

and abstract.

Create a cover page that includes all necessary information (exemplar here:


Create a Table of Contents that lists the major headings and indicates the page for each.

Create an Abstract that includes a brief overview of your inquiry and aims (exemplar here:


Description of the Inquiry:

Outline the literature area on which you will focus and the practical problems you want

to address using the literature review. Do not just repeat the title, but describe the

setting or context, scope, and purpose of the report and its concrete aims.

Theoretical Framework:

What theoretical areas of research will you be reviewing and which methodology will

guide your process and inform your lens? Be sure to discuss the significance of the

theoretical areas to your inquiry and address why it is important to your practice.

Discuss your Methods for reviewing and critiquing all information gathered, being

certain to address the researcher’s role and any ethical considerations.